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Pre/Postnatal Classes at House Concepts

During April, House Concepts will be offering a variety of Pre and Postnatal Classes with Julie. Mark your calendars.  

Pre-Natal Power
Saturday, April 13, 2:30 pm

 A fitness workshop for all pre-natal women. This 90-minute workshop will give you the confidence to safely challenge yourself and stay active throughout your pregnancy. This class is led by Julie Chutter, a Pre/Post Natal Certified Personal Trainer, and joined by Diane Rizzardo, a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. Prenatal Power will begin with a Q&A and discussion around scaling and adjusting exercises and myth-busting before a 45-minute strength session designed to leave you feeling empowered and strong. Immerse yourself in a community of other new moms, and stay for some casual conversations, bites, and gifting.  

Postpartum Power (Mom & Baby)
Every Monday in April at 10 AM

Take advantage of the chance to move our bodies with our little ones every Monday in April. Learn how to strengthen your core and pelvic floor with a core connecting opening series in each class. This class is programmed every week, with a new focus every week, and intended to build a strong foundation for a lifetime of fitness and health. We will incorporate group work, conditioning, and circuits. Meet other moms, sweat, have fun, build confidence, and get strong all together!

Please note the following:

-Designed for new moms only, we encourage every mama to bring their baby.
-This class is suitable for babies 6 weeks old to crawling and will be held in our boxing studio, there is no bag work incorporated.
-Please ensure that you are cleared by your provider before engaging in physical activity.
-We require a waiver to be signed by the parent on behalf of the child.

Pre/Postnatal Classes at House Concepts
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