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Ian is a Vancouver local who has been involved in sport his whole life. Ian started out as a competitive swimmer then moved into swim coaching before taking up boxing competitively over 5 years ago. Ian translates his comprehensive boxing knowledge into an easily digestible and applied format. You will be challenged not only physically, but also mentally.


Technical boxing, functional movement training.

What To Expect

Mentally and physically engaging boxing workouts mixed with functional movements to enhance your balance and maximize your power. He loves to push his athletes!

Private training sessions include a consultation on your fitness goals, a physical assessment using the In-Body 270 Machine (when you buy six sessions or more), and a fitness program designed just for you.

Bringing a friend? To train together with one of our coaches, each guest must purchase a two-on-one private training package individually.

One-on-One or Two-on-One Private Training
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