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Grow, develop, evolve.

An Australian native, Koryn first started boxing 8 years ago. Since then, she has trained competitively internationally, gaining extensive experience in the industry and becoming a certified Level 1 / Level 2 boxing coach. Throughout the years, she has continued her education, completing a diploma in fitness and developing her expertise in nutrition through Precision Nutrition. Koryn has extensive knowledge in fitness through her experience at international training institutions and commitment to continuing education. She is an industry veteran who has worked to grow, expand and open boxing gyms around the world. Koryn specializes in boxing and functional training, offering skill development with every session.


Boxing, functional training and glutes!

What To Expect

An educated sweat, pushing you to be your best in every session.

Private training sessions include a consultation on your fitness goals, a physical assessment using the In-Body 270 Machine (when you buy six sessions or more), and a fitness program designed just for you.

Bringing a friend? To train together with one of our coaches, each guest must purchase a two-on-one private training package individually.

One-on-One or Two-on-One Private Training
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