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Laszlo is a globally recognized personal trainer with extensive experience across multiple forms of fitness training and program design. Laszlo recently relocated from London, where he worked in the city’s most exclusive fitness facilities.

Educated through the industry’s most elite training institutions, Laszlo specializes in exercise & cardiovascular physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, orthopedic injury, nutrition and program design. He has also undertaken continuing education through EXOS & Precision Nutrition - the world’s best nutrition coaching program.


Strength and conditioning, as well as sport specific athletic training.

What To Expect

Highly personalized workout programs based on your needs and goals, suitable for all levels.

Private training sessions include a consultation on your fitness goals, a physical assessment using the In-Body 270 Machine (when you buy six sessions or more), and a fitness program designed just for you.

Bringing a friend? To train together with one of our coaches, each guest must purchase a two-on-one private training package individually.

One-on-One or Two-on-One Private Training
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