Basecamp Athletics - Rooms - House Concepts

An athlete-driven bootcamp studio designed for you to breathe deeper, lift higher and move faster. No matter your level of fit, draw on the energy of a full house as you challenge yourself. Prepare to level up, zero lazy starts here.



Push past limitations and reach new levels in our full body strength class. Alternate through power & isolated movements on the floor, and challenging runs and sled pushes on the treadmill. Prepare to breathe deeper, lift higher and move faster with our coaches that always have your back.


Our high intensity class, Fuse, will have you working to increase cardiovascular endurance and incorporating fast moving strength movements on the floor. On the treadmill expect speed play, endurance and sled pushes. Prepare to feel the burn throughout this explosive class that will leave you out of breath.


Develop your functional lifts and movements in this full body athletic workout. This class is all floor work, challenging and helping you build strength, power, and consistency with fundamental lifting exercises. Leave class feeling stronger and more confident. Prepare to unleash your power. 


Bootycamp is an athletic strength and conditioning class focused on fundamental lifting combinations, with specific burn-out patterns to grow and strengthen your glutes. Expect to lift heavy, use sleds, and sprint on the treadmills.


Welcome to Combine. Showcase your skills in this high-paced bootcamp class that is focused on muscular endurance, athletic development and conditioning. Work through 12 stations in 50 minutes with your team.

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