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Change is good. A concept space featuring a revolving offering of never-boring class formats, from heart-pumping pilates to heated flow. Guest House is dynamic and ever-changing. Experiment With Excellence.

Keep Going!


YSW Sculpt Pilates

Get ready to lengthen and strengthen during this intense 50 minute sculpting, reformer-inspired class. Through a combination of mat, glider and band work, you will tone the entire body through high repetition, dynamic exercises. Think total body sculpting by dialing into every muscle group and getting into that deep burn zone. High intensity, effective work, with low impact options. You may be sore the next day in muscles you didn't even know existed.

HOUSE Barre by Nina

A hybrid workout that combines elements of pilates, yoga and strength conditioning. This class will focus on low impact slow movements which is ideal for postural alignment, overall strength and flexibility.  

Peach Season by Jade

Sculpt, tone, lift and tighten those buns. This class uses a combination of resistance bands, ankle weights and light dumbbells to ignite your glutes. Open to all levels, get your booty beach body ready with Peach Season.

Total BDY by Reilly

Total BDY is a high-energy strength x HIIT class that will work your body head to toe using dumbbells, bands and body weight. A mix of strength training, cardio bursts and toning moves will keep your mind connected and maximize your total body burn. This is a class for every BDY - get ready to sweat!

Mat Pilates by Carolyn

This class will elevate yourbody and mind to the next level. A 50 minute full body session with a focus on sculpting your booty. A combination of bands, weights, and gliders will lift your perky cheeks and your mood! Get ready to shake what your mama gave ya!

Power Flow by Matt Caza

A more strength based approach to the flow class, intermediate to advanced level. Power Flow will include more core-based movements and powerful balances, along with full body activation to find a push within the practice.

Booty Burn by Chloe Lauren

With a large emphasis on moving to the beat of the music, this class will sculpt your lower body using a combination of body weight exercises and resistance band work. You'll leave class sweaty, sore, and feeling incredibly uplifted.

Dance HIIT by Pearl

This upbeat high energy dance fitness cardio class will have you feeling like you aren’t working out. Get your body moving, heart rate up and blood flowing. By the end of this class you will feel energized, empowered, confident and ready to slay the day. 

Mobility Workshop by Dr. Julia

Led by a chiropractor, these interactive and educational workshops will increase your mobility to aid in athletic performance and recovery. You can expect to utilize yoga blocks, lacrosse balls, and body weight to move mindfully and achieve myofascial release.

House Sculpt by Nina B

Booty, abs, and cardio. The combination of pilates-based core work, weighted booty workouts, and upbeat cardio will leave you feeling strong, toned, and energized.

ABT by Zachary

Burn your abs, butt and thighs in this best of both worlds class. ABT is strategically engineered to lift and shape your lower body and build your abdominal muscles.

Yin Recovery by Matt

A class to compliment the daily grind, a series of long, deeper held poses to release and rejuvenate both body and mind. Focus is on bringing energy back into the body, working on getting into and feeling tight spots and tensions that are usually numbed or ignored. Release is not the only focus but insight into the functionality of the body and its current state.

Yoga Centred by Danielle

Cool. Calm. Collected, and Centred. Yoga Centred is a heated flow class designed to clear your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Center yourself in the present moment & connect to a purpose.

Power Flow Yoga by Emma

The perfect recipe of yoga and breathwork, open to all levels and accessible for all. Step into the room and let go of your day through dynamic sequences. This class is designed to have you sweating, stretching, and strengthening.

Hatha Flow Yoga by Lydia

Hatha Flow Yoga will help you strengthen and stretch your body simultaneously so you can reconnect with your breath and release any tension – leaving class as the best version of yourself.

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